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Welcome to the new trivia challenge. Here's a hint: Most of the answers are in the FAQ or on the site somewhere! I welcome any contributions because my brain has a tendency of running dry! Good luck!

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Ryan has been on two game shows with his mother. Which ones? Win, Lose or Draw
Triple Threat
Street Smarts
Hollywood Squares
On one of the game shows, Ryan and his mother were on the same team. Two 'episodes' with them aired. How did they do? Won both days
Lost both days
Won one day and lost the other
Who cares - We were just glad to see him
On the other game show (done for Mother's Day), mother and son were pitted against each other. Who won?
Which family members has Ryan worked with? Shaun
His mother
Which brother is Ryan currently working with?
Ryan worked on a movie with Billy Bob Thorton that is expected to be released this summer. What is the name of that movie?
Ryan has worked on all of these shows EXCEPT . . . My Wife and Kids
In Search of The Partridge Family
The George Lopez Show
Muppets Tonight
What was the name of the last play Ryan performed in?
What was his character's name in that play? Chris
What is the name of the musical that first placed Ryan on stage? The Music Man
Phantom of the Opera
Fiddler on the Roof
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