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'There's something beautiful about a plate from that period from an old ship and I collect because I want to show people that these things exist. There's always this challenge to go out and find something that is something that not everybody has.' ---Ryan Cassidy, Maritime Collector as cited in 'Beyond the Titanic'

Cheryl with Ryan in 1993 - Photo courtesy of Cheryl

Photo courtesy of Janet Strauss and The Shirley Jones Home Page

Thanks to Cheryl Corwin and Barbara Pazmino for passing along the information and to "" for the update. Special thanks to Ryan for his help.

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According to A&E, this is part of Ryan's collection (as pictured on the RMS Titanic, Inc. site). I'm still waiting for varification that this is one and the same from the site. You can click here if you want to see more from the site (go to the gallery). The photos there are fantastic.

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Ryan on A&E's "Beyond the Titanic" - TV Photo by Cheryl Corwin

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This in from Cheryl Corwin: Cheryl talked with Ryan's niece Caitlin and nephew Jake around September 24 and found that Jake shares many of his Uncle Ryan's interests, including the Titanic and law enforcement.

This just in from Barbara Pazmino: Barbara has posted that there was a large friends and family party for Shaun's birthday Saturday, September 26. No doubt Ryan pulled himself away from work and attended...Just in case you were wondering what he does in those rare free moments!

She bumped into Ryan at 'Threepenny Opera' and asked him about his career. As previously stated, he just finished work on the CBS sitcom 'King of Queens'. He gives the series the thumbs up and highly recommends we watch it. He has also completed work on the new Meryl Streep/William Hurt film 'One True Thing' which opened last weekend (and is doing quite well in the box office). He has also worked on a project for the Lifetime network. She asked how he gets these jobs -- if he submits samples or they simply ask for him. He said that they specifically ask for him. Great, Ryan! We're glad to see you're finally getting the recognition you deserve!


On September 6, 1998, the Arts and Entertainment Network premiered the latest in Titanic documentaries. 'Beyond the Titanic' was a two-hour survey of the treatment how the Titanic has remained a public fascination since the fateful night in 1912 and included footage from a number of Titanic-based films (beyond "A Night to Remember" and James Cameron's blockbuster). What could this possibly have to do with Ryan? Please be patient. I'll get to that.

So there I was, as they say, minding my own business and doing my statistics homework (yet another evening of fun and frivolity on the homefront -- but they tell me that this class is somehow meaningful and vital to my mere existence). I hear a voice from the TV. It's familiar and grabs my attention away from quadriles and standard deviation (okay, so the sound of grass growing would have distracted me at this point, but I'm going for drama here) and I see a face. Actually not just any face but a strikingly familiar face and my only reaction is "Nah....can't be...I've been working on the site too much and now I'm seeing things." Then the name flashes on the screen (lower left if you're keeping track): Ryan Cassidy: Maritime Collector. I wasn't expecting that. Nope. Yet there he was talking about why he collects Titanic memorabilia. There now -- it's been a long, rambling story. You were patient with me and it paid off. Okay, shut up, Michele, and make with the info. This site is about Ryan and not you (and aren't we grateful for that).

Evidently Ryan has been collecting items from and about "the ship that disappeared" for a very long time. He's mentioned collecting in general in the past but with no specifics. Now he's amassed quite a collection. I had alerted Cheryl to the unexpected appearance and she called Ryan the next day to get a little more information.

He said that the clip was filmed at his house a few weeks ago (so, I guess the moustache and goatee are history because he was clean-shaven) and the collection displayed is indeed part of his own, including a menu from the Titanic. Cheryl and I both believe that he was also shown in the documentary at an LA auction but we aren't sure because we couldn't see his face. (Then again I'm the one who can spot him is every PT shot in 'Jesse Hawkes' and Cheryl has been in the Cassidy business for about twenty years...)

Other news from Ryan is that he has recently done design work for a new fall sitcom called 'King of Queens' for CBS and has several projects in the works. Needless to say, he's been extremely busy. (Evidently so much so that he hasn't had much time for a love life and is between girlfriends at the moment, but I'm not here to gossip....) He also contributed to a show the Fox Family Network is doing about show business families and is trying to get clearance from NBC to use a 'Facts of Life' clip (boy, do I have some suggestions). Keep an eye out for this show because not only Ryan but also Patrick and Shaun have been interviewed. There hasn't been any word as to whether David is participating. He will also attend the opening night of 'Three Penny Opera' in Los Angeles (starring Patrick). (Update: He could not attend that night because he had to work but did attend on September 19.)

Ryan has also been informed about this site and said he'd check us out. Cheryl said he seemed rather pleased that we are here -- a relief to me since I'm simply having so much fun doing this site that I don't want to stop. So, Ryan, if you're reading this, I hope you like what you see and realize that even when I'm a little glib, this site is done with the utmost respect and appreciation. You're welcome to be a part of this if you wish (somehow I doubt anyone would mind). But even if you don't, we'll stay here as long as you let us. As I said, I've enjoyed doing this and it has been rewarding in and of itself -- even staying up until 2 AM to tape a few minutes off a documentary has its kicks. (However, it would be great to remove the "Unauthorized" from the title.)

But I digress...I guess what I got from the brief Titanic clip (and to his credit, Ryan was one of only two collectors interviewed) was not only the confidence and authority he had as he spoke (the printed quote doesn't do it justice) and the impressive collection he had (As a collector myself of not only Ryan and Jack Cassidy items, but also as the owner of an award-winning book collection, I fully understand the sentiments he expressed -- and would love to ask him questions about his style, methods and gameplan.), but how he was finally cited as himself. He was Ryan the collector and no reference was made to his family. I've never seen this happen before in interviews and was happy to see it. As I've said, I'm sure he's proud of his roots (and has every right to be) but he's an incredible person in his own right and it was great to see him recognized as such.

In page-related news, we are now spidered and should be easily located through Netscape, Excite, Altavista, Looksmart and Hotbot. We're still waiting on Lycos (ironic since they run Tripod), Infoseek and Yahoo.

With that I'll close and thank you all for stopping by.

Ryan on A&E's "Beyond the Titanic" - TV Photo by Cheryl Corwin