"16 Talks To Ryan Cassidy"
Listen In As The Handsome NewFacts Of Life Star Comes Clean

Unfamiliar with the phenomenon known as Cassidy-mania? Well, listen in, 'cause there's lots to know before meeting the youngest Cassidy brother. There are three other extremely handsome , talented Cassidys, sons of the late stage actor Jack Cassidy and the famous actress Shirley Jones.

The oldest Cassidy is half-brother David (he has a different mom). In the 1970s, gorgeous David reigned as the star of the famous Partridge Family TV show and became a popular rock singer. Next came Shaun, who also made his mark on both TV and music - he was the adorable Joe Hardy of The Hardy Boys, and a well-known rocker. Tall, dark and handsome Patrick was soon to follow in his brothers' footsteps - he sings, acts and dances! These days, it's Ryan's turn to continue the Cassidy tradition - and he's off to a promising start! Hear what he has to say about The Facts of Life, himself and his future.

16: Hi, Ryan. Let's begin with your personal stats.
OK, I'm six feet tall, weigh 165 pounds and have blond hair and blue eyes.

16: When and where were you born?
I was born February 23, 1966 in Santa Monica, California - I'm 19.

16: Do you have a nickname?
Charlie. My dad used to call me that when I was a kid.

16: Speaking of your childhood, weren't you always the one in your family who was the least interested in showbiz?
Yes. I was into other things. I always had a fascination with motors and putting things together. So I always had go-carts and mini-bikes. But I never actually pursued that. What I really pursued back then was police work, when I was about 14.

16: how did you pursue police work?
I became a "deputy explorer," which is like a young policeman. It's affiliated with the Boy Scouts, but you're not a scout, you're a deputy explorer or a police explorer.

16: What did you have to do?
I went through 15 weeks of training every Saturday from five in the morning 'til seven at night. They give you lectures on first aid, ethics and criminal justice, things like that. It's an intense training program.

16: And your ambition at that time was to be a policeman?
Yeah, I loved it.

16: So, what happened along the way to change your course?
Eventually I had to leave because school (Beverly Hills H.S.) was getting more difficult. I started getting into drama my senior year. I did Fiddler on the Roof and really enjoyed that. So, when I graduated, I went on to professional acting school.

16: And now you're The Facts of Life's Kevin Metcalf….do you resemble your character in the show?
Yeah, I like the outdoors - fishing and horseback riding.

16: What else do you do when you're not working?
I like to work on my car, it's a Porsche 911SC or go see plays or just relax at home with a good book. I'm reading one right now on James Dean.

16: Do you have any special hobbies?
I collect old movie posters and memorabilia. I also have a 1929 Model A Ford that I restored - I like old cars.

16: What's the first thing that attracts you to a lady?
I like girls who are open, outgoing, fun and who aren't busy trying to be someone else.

16: Do you consider yourself shy?
Yes, but I cover it up very well. When I was little, I was very shy.

16: What are your career goals?
I think I'd like to do feature films soon and continue studying acting while doing Facts of Life.

16: Thanks, Ryan. One more thing. Where can 16's readers reach you?
: I'd love to hear from anyone who wants to write. (Address omitted since it is no longer active)