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Everything You Want To Know About Ryan Cassidy: Get To Know The Cute New Star of Facts of Life

Q: How do you feel about your new series?
Great! I love it. I'm having fun. I've already done 3 episodes and I'm doing four. Most likely I'll be doing 13 more.

Q: For next season.

Q: So tell me about your character Kevin, what kind of person is he?
I love Kevin. I like the character a lot. They wrote the character around me. They met me first, and I read for the producer and the director and I got a call back and read for the network and then they said they were really interested and would like to write the character around me.

Q: How are you alike in personalities?
He's an outdoorsy type guy, very self-assured, knows himself. He might come across as being somewhat cocky but he's not. He's warm, he likes people. He's got a good rapport with the girls.

Q: I was going to get to that. You're new on a show where they've been working together for a long time. How is it being the new guy?
It's not easy at times because I'm up against a lot of people who know exactly what's going on and I'm kind of struggling up the mountain, I'm still at the bottom I'm getting there, it's working for me, I'm excited about it.

Q: How did the girls accept you?
Very well. And they couldn't be more supportive.

Q: Have you gotten closer with one more than the others?
I suppose if I picked one that I was the closest with in my character it would probably be Nancy who plays Jo.

Q: Are you going to have a romance?
Yeah. It's not happening yet. Most likely it's going to happen soon. Not really so much of a romance but more of an older brother type of an image with the girls.

Q: You're the latest from a famous family to enter the limelight. Are you looking forward to being famous?
I'm very much looking forward to it. My whole thing is to stick with being an actor, going to acting school. I take classes now. Really, really studying and doing my craft to the best of my ability, that's what I intend on doing. And it's getting there. It's going to take some time but I don't want to jump the gun or get to the end of the road before I've worked for it.

Q: Do you feel that having that famous name is a help or a hindrance?
Oh, of course it helps. But as I said, the doors are open, you still have to prove yourself. The name helps tremendously. . If I was someone off the street it wouldn't be as easy for me.

Q: Did you have another ambition before acting?
Yeah, I wanted to be something involved with the law. I was a Police Explorer for a year, with the Sheriff's department. I loved police work, it would get my adrenaline pumped riding in a police car, wearing a uniform. I learned a lot. I loved that. I wanted to go to college. I went to college for about four days.

Q: Did you hate it that much?
No, I didn't hate it at all. I like it. I was taking some film courses.

Q: Why did you leave?
I got some work….a Lionel Richie video Penny Lover. I was a sailor.

Q: Did you ask you mom or brothers for advice once you made the decision to go back into acting?
Yeah. The best advice they ever gave me was just to keep your eye out for people, it's a rough business. Just be sure you save your money, continue with acting school, and learn your craft the best you can.

Q: Are you closer with one brother more than another?
Well, I'm probably closest with Patrick.

Q: He's in New York doing a musical. Do you sing as well?
I take singing lessons from time to time. I don't sing as much as he does, though.

Q: Do you have a game plan as far as where you see yourself going?
I'm going to continue with the series as long as it continues with me.. Hopefully to do feature films as soon as I can be available to read for them.

Q: Any particular roles or people you'd like to work with?
I like tough roles, I like James Dean roles, serious acting roles. Heavy drama. I'd like to work with Sean Penn, Rob Lowe, I think that would be fun.

Q: Want to work with anyone in your family?
I'd love to.

Q: Any behind the scenes ambition, like writing or directing?
I like writing. I was good at creative writing at school. Straight A's.

Did growing up in Hollywood give you special insights?
I learned how inconsistent the business is. You're working one minute, out of work the next. A lot of people on Hollywood are phony and that didn't appeal to me at all. My father was always telling me that there were a lot of phony people in show business. I realized that as I got older.

Q: Still live at home?

Q: Plan to get your own place?
Very soon as a matter of fact. In the next three or four months.

Q: Know where you want to live?
I'd like to live by the beach or in Brentwood. A place where I can afford and where it's nice and quiet. I don't like busy streets. Secluded.

Q: When you're not working, what do you enjoy doing?
I like to work on my car.

Q: What do you have?
A Porsche. I also have a '29 Model A Ford that I restored when I was 14. It runs and everything. I run, I work out at the Sports Connection. I like going to see movies.

Q: What have you liked lately?
2010, which was good. I didn't see the first one, though.

Q: Watch much TV, watch MTV?
I watch MTV, watch television all the time. More now than ever. It's interesting to watch other sitcoms and see how other people act. It's good. It gives you ideas.

Q: Watch yourself?
Yeah, I've only watched myself twice. You're your own best critic.

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