Ryan with his mother and stepfather at his high school graduation in 1984. In a mini-questionnaire filled out in August of that year, Ryan stated his reaction as being that he "thought it would never happen" and was "very happy". By the following fall he stated that he was taking classes on Tuesdays and was preparing to take a commercial shop.

An enlargement of the class photo below to see Ryan.
(No, I can't zoom in anymore without pixelating.)

Please Don't Ask Me To Point Him Out Here
He's Wearing A Black Robe, Okay?

Beverly Hills Alma Mater

"Oh, Beverly we love you.
Our loyalty we sing.
To thee all faith, all honor,
all praises we bring.
Your Customs, traditions
Bring glory to thee.
All hail our alma mater.
We love you Beverly!"

Graduation Photos Taken By Carol Davis

Bevery Hills High School Class of 1984 Class Photo

Believe it or not, he's in the back row, last person on the right. See above for an enlargement.
(Full credit to Lina for finding this particular needle in the haystack!)