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Ryan John Cassidy was born February 23, 1966, in Santa Monica, California. He is the youngest of the Cassidy brothers and, as he has been known to point out, the one few people know about or remember. He is often placed into context with brothers David (half-brother), Shaun and Patrick or parents Shirley Jones and the late Jack Cassidy, all of whom have had long, successful careers in film, television, theater and the recording industry. At first Ryan was unswayed by the lure of show business and considered a career in law enforcement. However, after graduating from Beverly Hills High School in 1984, he embarked on an acting career that lasted through the late '80s. During this time, he appeared in the Lionel Ritchie music video "Penny Lover", the NBC sitcom "The Facts of Life" in the sixth season as Kevin Metcalf (a role designed around Ryan himself) and as Jake Hittman in an episode of the short-lived CBS series "Jesse Hawkes". He left show business in the '90s and pursued different avenues, finally settling on work behind the scenes. He is now a successful set designer most recently working on the WB sitcom "Movie Stars", but is seriously considering a return to acting as a full-time profession. While he is and always has been proud to be a member of his famous family, he deserves to be recognized in his own right. This site's purpose, therefore, is one of appreciation for his past and current careers as well as of the man himself. He is and always has been one of the kindest, most modest people in the world while yet, unlike the rest of his family, never having a site, newsletter or club dedicated solely to him. Better late than never. Please enjoy the photos and commentary on this and the following pages. You can e-mail your comments, suggestions and questions to or leave them in the pages of the guestbooks or bulletin board.
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Ryan Cassidy Bio And Stats

Ryan Photos Available For Sale: Proceeds To Benefit PETA

Cassidy Fan Involvement Page: Lend A Hand To Support Ryan And Company - And More

THE LATEST NEWS (Updated 6/5/00): The Questionnaire, Latest Updates And More

Life as a Cassidy: Photos of Ryan and His Family
Life as a Cassidy II: More Photos of Ryan and His Family
FAQ Page: Do You Have Ryan Questions? I Might Have The Answers - UPDATED 6/2/00
FAQ Archive: Past Questions And Answers (Added 5/24/00)
Ryan Retrospective VI: Photos From 1982-3 (Courtesy Of Susan M.)Added 2/15/00
Ryan Retrospective VII: Teen Magazines (A Work In Progress)Added 3/21/00
Media Blunder Page: Will The Real Ryan Cassidy Please Step Forward?
Beyond the Titanic (Posted 10/5): Ryan on A&E and His Collection
Ryan Retrospective: The Early Years (Photos Added 10/16)
Ryan Retrospective II: Continuing The Walk Down Memory Lane(Photos Added 10/16)
Ryan Retrospective III: The Teen Years - Article Added 10/16
Ryan Cassidy Retrospective IV: Graduation And More - Added 3/3/99
Ryan Cassidy Retrospective V: 1979 Shaun Cassidy Concert In Anaheim - Added 3/5/99
1982 Questionnaire: Read the First Questionnaire He Completed for Fans
The Facts of Life File: A Glimpse at an Acting Career
Photo Gallery: Candid Shots (Updated 2/15/00)
Life With My Father Jack: An Article Written By Ryan in 1982
Visitor Services: A Few Little Extras For You Frequent Fliers (and New Visitors, Too)
Ryan's Listing At The Internet Movie Database
Muppets Tonight Credits: Ryan Was a Member of the Art Department on This Series
Sedona Retreat: A Picture and Testamonial From the Mid-'80s (Link Temporarily Not Working -Sorry About The Inconvenience!)
Facts of Life Home Page: Ryan Played Kevin Metcalf In The 6th Season
Facts of Life: A New Site For The Series
Tabloid Article: A 1983 Tabloid Article Linking Ryan And Mindy Cohn

The Cassidy Clan Website: This Is About The WHOLE Family (Family History, Crests And Even A Gift Shop!)
Cassidy Friends: A Site for the Entire Cassidy Family
For All Cassidy Fans: A Cyberspace Version of FOTC
For All Cassidy Fans: Cheryl's Bulletin Board For Fans Of The Entire Cassidy Family
Egassem Draob: Wrenne's New Board With Photos and More!

Patrick Cassidy Sites
Patrick Cassidy: Andrea's Special Site for Ryan's Brother
Patrick Cassidy: A Bulletin Board for Fans of Ryan's Brother

Shaun Cassidy Sites
It's.....The Shrine Of Shaun: Wrenne's Site For Ryan's Brother
Shaun Cassidy Fantasyland: Victoria's Site For Ryan's Brother
Susanne's Forum
Victoria's Forum

David Cassidy Sites
David Cassidy: The Official Site for Ryan's Brother
David Cassidy/Partridge Family: Nancy's Page Dedicated to Ryan's Brother
David Cassidy UK: Alice's Homepage and Appreciation Site for Ryan's Brother
David Cassidy: Octavia's Site For Ryan's Brother
David Cassidy: Kylene's New Site For Ryan's Brother
David Cassidy: Stacey's Paulie Girl Page
David Cassidy: Wendy's Appreciation Site
The David Cassidy Fan Club Of Norway: Erik's New Site For Ryan's Brother
Lisa's David Cassidy Photo Album
Lisa's David Cassidy Page

Shirley Jones Sites
Shirley Jones: The Official Site for Ryan's Mother

Maggie Violet GraphicsWrenne's New Gallery Of Celebrity Drawings - Including Ryan!
Aztec Pizza/AP-CF Bulletin Board: A Way to Keep in Touch With Other Fans
General Discussion: Nancy's Bulletin Board for Chatting With Fellow Fans
Castle Cassidy And Other Forums: Wrenne's New Forum For The Whole Family And More
Cassidy Family Tree: Your Guide For Who Was What to Whom and When

The Humble Webmaster Page: A Work in Progress
Julie's Nancy McKeon Page
Mackenzie Frenzy: A Fan Site For One Of Ryan's Facts Co-Stars - Mackenzie Astin
That's Entertainment! Memorabilia: A Great Source For Clips And Celebrity Memorabilia
Boogan Birthday Page: A Cyber-Birthday Card for My Goddaughter Who Turned 4 on 9/26
The Boogan Zone: Another Site I Do In The Service Of The Boogan

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