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G76 is available free of charge (as is) for use on business and personal sites in exchange for a link back to Got Graphics?. A link back button has been created and is located at the bottom of the page, however a text link will do just fine.

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You must save all the images you are going to use. Just right click on the image of choice and choose "Save image as". g76infobutton.gif (5326 bytes)
g76gallerybutton.gif (5541 bytes) You will also have to save the background as none of the images are transparent. Just right click on the backgrounds and choose "save background as".
If you like this set but are not fond of frames you can grab a top border background here. g76emailbutton.gif (5374 bytes)


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Please link this image back to www.got-graphics.com

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Just close this window when done viewing or choose a link below

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