Photo By Cheryl Corwin
Ryan and sister-in-law Melissa at a taping of "In Search of The Partridge Family"

Ryan and brother Patrick in New York City December 29, 2000

Ryan, his niece Caitlin (Shaun's daughter) and former sister-in-law Ann at Caitlin's junior high school graduation.

Ryan with nephew Jake (Shaun's son) at Caitlin's junior high school graduation.

Shirley and Ryan on the game show Triple Threat in 1988. They didn't win, but put in a good effort. The host was an utter dork.

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"A VERY RARE Cassidy Event" - 1983 Photo Taken and Captioned by Marty Ingels

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Ryan and brother Shaun around 1987 - TV photo by Carolyn Klima

Ah, Yes....The Continuing Saga...

Just when you thought we had a bunch of pics with Ryan and his family...Okay, I'll level with ya. I just couldn't decide which one's to remove from the first page to make room for these new ones contributed by Cheryl Corwin and I know excessive scrolling isn't healthy for anyone. So, enjoy this new page and I'll add more as time goes on!

What Did They Say? What Family Members Have Said About Ryan:

Patrick (1982): My little brother...he's great. Ryan...he's got so much going for him. He's smart. He's the best looking one in the family. He's a sharp dresser. He's going to be the best one in the family - not necessarily in show business, just the best. He's what they call an "old soul". He's a lot like my father.

Shirley (1991, Shirley and Marty: An Unusual Love Story): Ryan was not competitive at all. If anyone wants to consider that a fault, or a weakness, that would be his. I have seen him grow more secure, more conscious of his feelings. He had seen all the rejection in show business, so many creative people who didn't get a break, whose timing was wrong. He sort of ran from it, but in high school he auditioned for Fiddler on the Roof; I think David encouraged him. He had a bigger voice than the other boys did at that age.

David (1991, Shirley and Marty: An Unusual Love Story): Ryan is unusual, extremely sensitive, a really sweet guy. He hears a different drummer. He's turned more inward than the rest of us, more inside himself, in his own world. Shirley says when I was younger, I was much like Ryan.

Shirley (when asked to describe Ryan in one word): Sensitive

Ryan with former sister-in-law Ann and brother Shaun on the set of "Strays"

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Ryan With His Mom, Brother Patrick And Former Sister-In-Law Anja At The Taping Of "Happy Birthday, Hollywood" At The Shrine Auditorium In 1987

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