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Photo By Douglas DunnWhat type of music does he like?
He has a lot of classical music and loves older stuff, especially Queen. In fact, that was the last CD he bought. Also, he has a lot of musicals since he grew up around them.
Update:When we talked, he mentioned liking a lot of things from the 60s and 70s - since what you like musically is influenced by when you grew up. This is the music of his childhood. He also mentioned liking Sting's work.

What is Ryan's opinion on the tabloid coverage given to his family over the years?
Simple. If it is good - if it is positive, he likes it just fine. If it is negative, he doesn't like it. When I asked him if he could feel the attention when he was younger and he said he definitely could but it was somewhat deflected. It certainly didn't help with his feelings of insecurity at the time. Not much you can do about the tabloids - they're going to be there no matter what.

What does he think a celebrity "owes" his fans/"the public"? Where should the line be drawn with regard to a celebrity's privacy?
(I'm trying to quote this the best I can.) There definitely is a line that fans and the press should respect. If they like your work and see you on TV, that's great - that's our job. Sending letters to the clubs and sites - that's great, too. Seeing us on the street - bumping into us and getting an autograph is fine. However, tracking us down and deliberately trying to find us just isn't right or fair. Everyone is entitled to basic privacy and decency.

Photo By Michele MontourIf he could emulate any actor's career, whose would it be?
John Cusak. - He's had a great career with a good diversity in his films and roles. Ryan has worked with John very briefly on "Better Off Dead" and feels that with the roles and films he has chosen, John really has grown as an actor and deserves the great reputation he has gained over the years.

Any regrets about not pursuing law enforcement as a career?
Not really. Actually, he says now he's not sure why he got into it in the first place. He was friends with a lot of the officers already and the excitement of it appealed to him but he also admits that he really wanted to do something different from his brothers and perhaps get a bit of attention. (It worked - the magazines seemed simply shocked that he would step away from the family business. Shaun mentioned to a few fans that he really hoped Ryan changed his mind because acting was actually much safer. Patrick mentioned to fans that he was just plain shocked anyone would get up at 3 am on Saturdays to go to training.) when he left the explorers program, things got out of hand for awhile but now he really needs a career where he can have a lot of self-expression. Set dressing and design has really afforded him that and of course acting offers him that opportunity.

What does Ryan think of Danny Bonaduce? Are they friends?
Yes, they are friends. In fact, Danny mentioned Ryan on his radio show a couple of weeks ago (I'm dating this 5-24-00) when interviewing Frank Stallone about "Movie Stars". Ryan also attended a recent party at Danny's house. He thinks Danny is a great guy and a great talent - very funny.

Has he kept any momentos of his childhood? Does he have his dad's Tony Award?
He has a lot of stuff that belonged to his dad. The Tony is one of them. He also has some of his dad's suits, a silver and crystal Tiffany box and a lot of pictures - some of which he shared with A&E for the Biography special they are doing on his mother.

Does Ryan still cope with allergies and asthma?
Yes and no. Allergies? You bet - he was really suffering a couple of weeks ago. Wheezing and the works. He did, thankfully, grow out of the acute asthma he suffered with as a child…..and before anyone says anything, he knows smoking isn't a good idea but he is trying to stop. Sometimes, though - on occasion - he does still smoke.

Photo By Douglas DunnWhat is the best gift you have ever given someone?
Depends on how you define "gift". If you're talking on a non-physical level, then it would probably when he talked a female friend into getting therapy for something that happened to her when she was younger - and she still thanks him. Physical gift? There was a picture from the house they grew up in. His mother was clearing some things out and giving them to Patrick and Ryan - she wasn't giving them to Shaun because she figured he already had an established household and wouldn't want them. But Ryan could tell Shaun was a bit unhappy about being overlooked - especially with this particular picture his mother had given him, so he took the picture (a rather large one) off the wall in his house, put it in his truck, drove it over to Shaun's house and dropped it off. Along with that, he and his best friend (they're more like brothers) are always getting each other things. They have the same taste and just know each other that well.

Do you follow any particular religion?
Not really. He's definitely spiritual - very spiritual and that's really a product of the life he's lived. If he would opt for any particular religion or choose one that he feels closest to, then he would say Judiasm because he feels it is very warm, open and accepting - a culture as much as a religion.

You've said previously that you'd say you were conservative. Okay, define conservative.
Okay, we got a clarification here. He looks conservative - and admits that but as a person he's not that conservative. He can actually be quite wild when he wants to be. He says his friends would tell you that - and that he does some great impressions (sorry no details at this point). Now, the really wild days are a thing of the past but he can still have quite a good time!

Does he do much travelling? Where would he like to visit?
He hasn't had much opportunity but mentioned really wanting to visit Germany at some point.

How's Riley?
Fine. He has the energy of all the Lakers and Kings all pent up in one little dog. He's been playing with Ryan's best friend a lot (Alex has moved into the guesthouse while dealing with a few problems and has been the one home most of the time). Riley is known by the whole neighborhood because he seems to be an escape artist and gets away a lot. Seriously, Ryan says Riley is a great dog. He took a risk in getting him because he didn't know anything about the breed but Riley was just such a cute puppy he decided to give the little guy a try - and is glad he did.

Does he get to see his nieces and nephews often?
Oh, definitely. He adores all of them and sees them as often as possible. Evidently Shaun's daughter Juliet just makes him melt. He also says that Patrick's son Jack bears an unbelievable resemblance to his namesake.

What is his favorite Charles Dickens book?
Easy. A Christmas Carol.

Photo By Michele MontourWhat are the details on the play Ryan is working on?
Danny and the Deep Blue Sea was written by John P. Shanley. Shanley is also responsible for Moonstruck, January Man, Five Corners and Joe Versus the Volcano. He produced Five Corners and directed Joe Versus the Volcano. The reviews I have found of the play are incredible. I'd love to personally see Ryan perform the role of Danny - I think he could do an incredible job with it. If you would like to read a copy of the play itself, it can be purchased from Amazon.com (follow the link and you'll go directly to the listing). If you'd just like to see a sample review, you can visit New York Minute Theatre Maxim's homepage.

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