Join The Facts Of Life Webring

I Doubt These Are Necessary But Please Read Them

1) Needless to say, your site must be related to the NBC sitcom "The Facts of Life" or members of its cast.

2) No "adult" sites - regardless of whether you call it pornography or "art". No obscene language. No "hate speech".

3) Your banner needs to be 486x60 and under 15k. If it is larger, the system won't accept it. If I receive enough requests to increase banner size to 20k, I'll do it.

4) Please post your banner in a reasonably prominent place on your site that has actual human visitors. Of course we'd preferit if you placed it on your main page, but it isn't necessary. Think of it as being a good neighbor. When another exchange member displays your banner, would you like it to be where people can see it or buried where ti will never see the light of day? I thought so. I will be checking just to make sure you have at least one banner on your site and that it is reasonably placed.

5) Please have at least one banner on your site (more banners means more exposures which means more displays of your banner elsewhere), but no more than one banner per page.

6) The display ratio is 1:1 and charter members (if you see this, you're a charter member) receive 100 displays credited to their account.

7) Please have the required HtML on your site within 24 hours of sending your application.

8) I'd be happy to provide links of sites that generate banners for free. Just e-mail me!