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Scene 3

Lights up. The bedroom. It's late morning. Roberta and Danny are asleep. Danny is snoring. Roberta wakes up. She touches Danny's face tenderly, then hits him with a pillow.

R. Tag!
D. (Snapping into a violent stance.) What?!
R. You're it. Good mornin!
D. Oh yeah. Good mornin.
R. Keep it down a bit.
D. Why?
R. My family.
D. Oh. Okay.
R. They'll be gone inna minute. Then I'll cook you breakfast if you want.
D. Sure. Where they goin?
R. The kid goes to school. At least he leaves here with books. My mother goes to work. My father goes to work.
D. What about you?
R. I don't work. Not right now. I didn't like my last job so I quit.
D. What did you do?
R. I was a secretary for a bunch a exterminators.
D. You're kiddin?
R. Nope. They had this truck with a big dead roach on top, an they were really nasty to me, and at night, I used to dream the truck was chasin mean the roach was movin. So I quit. I gotta get somethin else, but I ain't started lookin yet. What about your job? When you gotta be there?
D. They don't need me till Wednesday this week. It's a slow time.
R. So how do I look in the daylight?
D. Good.
R. You still like me nose?
D. Oh yeah.
R. You don't have to, you know.
D. Whaddaya mean?
R. You know.
D. No, I don't.
R. You don't haveta stick to nothin you said last night. It was nice you said it and all. I slept good last night for about the first time inna fuckin century.
D. Whaddaya think I am?
R. I think you're real nice. An I like ya. That's why I'm sayin what I'm sayin. So you won't haveta. You like eggs for breakfast? I think there'll be some.
D. I meant last night. What I said.
R. You don't haveta say that.
D. I did!
R. Aw comon, Danny!
D. I asked ya ta marry me last night square business an you said yes an I meant it!
R. All right then, I didn't!
D. What?
R. You heard me!
D. What?
R. I was lyin cause I wanted a nice thing. Get serious. No way are you an me getting married. That was strictly make-believe.
D. Don't do this to me!
R. Look at your hands, Danny. Why do you wanna make me say it? You're all fucked up. If ya didn't kill somebody the other night, ya will sometime. If I married ya, it could be me. Yud haveta be retarded not to see it! You're a fuckin caveman! Yud be bouncin me off the walls…
D. NO!
R. You grabbed me last night. See the mark?
D. I'm sorry I hurt your throat.
R. I'll make you breakfast. Then you'll go back to Zerega.
D. No.
R. Then you'll go wherever, but you'll go.
D. I don't buy this line a shit, Roberta. Not just cause it makes me feel bad. It don't sound true to me.
R. It don't matter how it sounds.
D. Yeah, it matters! I heard the way you really are last night. It whadn't this. Ya wanted to show somebody how ya really was last night. Ya showed me.
R. This is how I really am! Last night was just time out.
D. You're lyin!
R. And you're still dreamin!
D. No I'm not.
R. I don't wanna talk. I don't care.
D. I care. I gotta care.
R. Well don't bother me with it.
D. You gotta be straight with me at least.
R. I don't gotta do nothin.
D. You do too! You were gonna marry me last night.
R. I can't marry ya!
D. Tell me why!
R. I told ya!
D. I know I'm fucked up! But I got control! Don't do this to be, Roberta! Ya kissed my hands. It ain't right ta do this to me. I got a heart in my body and it's gonna break and it's gonna be you that did it. What can I tell you? What can I tell you that'll make you like you were to me?
R. Danny.
D. Anything. Don't just…just don't say no.
R. I can't, baby…I can't.
D. Why not?
R. Just leave it.
D. I can't go back.
R. I heard the bird sing that sings outside my window. This mornin. When I was just gone asleep. I heard ya talkin an the bird singin. An it was the first time I could sleep right…since I was a young girl. But I'm sorry I told ya yes, cause I can't marry ya, baby. Just take it outta ya mind. It wouldn't be right.
D. There's a way ta make it right, if ya know enough! Tell me what's the matter an we'll make it right! There's people we can go to if we don't know enough between us. There's people an a way if ya want it bad enough, but ya just don't know how. An I want it bad an I think you do too! Do ya wanna marry me, Roberta?
R. Sure. I mean no. I mean I can't.
D. What's the thing?
R. Nothin.
D. What's the thing>
R. I told ya.
D. Told me what?
R. About my father.
D. So ya told me.
R. Ya can't do a horrible thing like that, Danny, an not be punished. It was me that did it.
D. Whadaya talkin about?
R. I did a bad thing.
D. All right! So ya did a bad thing. Ya told me.
R. An…An…nobody punished me.
D. Good.
R. No! No, it ain't good! I did a bad thing an nobody punished me, ans so…it stayed with me.
D. I don't get you.
R. I made my father inta garbage. I made myself that way, too. It's all wrong. My mother don't know what happened, but she knows. Cause it stinks so bad. I can hear her prayin all the time. Crazy whinin prayin like needles. An when she's not prayin, she's lookin around like she lost somethin but she ain't lookin for anythin an SHE WON'T LOOK AT ME! At the floor the wall anythin but not me! An my kid. I did that an I got a kid. I had no right to do what I did. It was too bad a thing to do. There's no happy thing possible becausa me. It's my house. It's my garbage. I can't leave this house cause it's my crime.
D. That's crazy.
R. So what? Just cause it's crazy don't mean it ain't true.
D. You can do whatever you want.
R. I did whatever I wanted, an it killed my whole fuckin family! I don't mean ta spill my poison any further than I already have! Ya hear me? It's over. I'm trough screwin everythin up. I went out last night cause I couldn't stand it in this room anymore. I couldn't stand bein by myself anymore. I talked ta you cause I hadda talk to somebody, somebody, an there you were, so fucked up ya might listen.
D. Roberta…
R. No. An ys did listen. An I thank ya for it. An I slept last night so sweet, for the first time inna hundred years. Cause you were good ta me and talked nice. But that's it, man. That's strictly fuckin it. Cause this is my house. My house. And I gotta live in it.
D. I'm takin you outta here.
R. Forget it. It ain't gonna happen.
D. I have to!
R. You can't!
D. I love you.
R. You just need ta say that for your own privatefuckin reasons! You don't know me. It ain't possible ta know somebody that fuckin quick. I told ya last night, an I'm telling you now. I'm nuts! An I'll tell you what I didn't tell you then. I'm bad.
D. Oh comon, gimme a break.
R. I gotta badness in me. I did what I did ta my father an my family cause there's a big mean bad feelin in me that like ta break an hurt, and I'd break and hurt you just the same. Just the same as I did them.
D. Get serious. You would not.
R. You ain't nothin ta me! You ain't dog shit on my shoes! Get outta here, freak! With yar crazy fights. Go back to the cave ya crawled out of! Go beat up a wall! Go watch yar dishrag mother puke her dishrag guts! Ya fuckin Beast! Ya fuckin Beast! Ya got to screw the pig, and if ya'd played yar cards right, ya mighta got a free breakfast! But ya blew it, so get the fuck out! Get out! Get out! Get out, ya moron clown! Get the fuck outta here an leave me, leave me alone! (She collapses, sobbing. Quiets.)
D. I ain't too good at people. But I gotta say somethin. A crazy thing. To you. An you gotta let me say it. (Embarassed.) I…forgive you.
R. What?
D. I forgive you. Everythin you've done.
R. You can't do that.
D. I gotta be able. You gotta let me be.
R. I can't.
D. You gotta let go. Let go of it.
R. You don't know what you're sayin.
D. I know. You told me…what you've done. An I don't care. There ain't nobody else. An it's gotta happen. So I did it. I forgive you. You're forgiven.
R. Whadaya think you are, a priest?
D. I am whatever I gotta be. It's over now. You've felt bad long enough. You did a bad thing. An it's been bitin you in the head for a long time. It's a long enough time. You paid for what you done. That's why you got me last night. That's why you brought me here. You knew…you'd paid up. That's why you told me your bad thing.
R. You can't forgive me.
D. Yes, I can.
R. No! (He pulls her to him, and over his knee. He spanks her.)
D. That's for doin what you did. All right? That's the punishment.
R. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. It just happened. It was…I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Please…
D. (Putting a hand on her.) I forgive you. It's done. I've done it. It's done.
R. Yeah?
D. Yeah.
R. Thank you.
D. You're welcome.
R. Thank you.
D. We were bullshit last night. It was bullshit. I'm not too good. At tellin the difference. I ain't been too good at people. Ever. But what we were makin believe, other people got.
R. That's other people.
D. But if we want, why can't we?
R. I don't know.
D. It ain't a lot, what I want. I don't see why I can't get it. I know there ain't no way my whole life's gonna turn a corner an be the perfect thing. Yours neither. But I can get a day, can't I? To start with? That seems like somethin I could get.
R. What day?
D. Weddin day.
R. No…
D. Listen. We could have a weddin day. You be dressed in white. The flowers. Everythin we said. Pretty much. I gotta job. I'll get the money. If you get a job, that's good, too. We'll plan it out. There don't haveta be no hurry with it. It'd be somethin ta make happen.
R. It don't make no sense ta do it.
D. Just cause it don't make no sense don't mean it ain't true. It could be true. If you want it. I ain't never planned no single fuckin thing in my life. I ain't never done nothin. Things happen to me. Me, you, what you did. We didn't do that stuff. It happened ta us. That's why you're sayin no, Roberta. It's cause ya think we can't do nothin. Like it's always been, right? But we can. We can plan a weddin, an the weddin'ill happen the way we plan. The only surprise will be that we knew.
R. Yeah? You think so?
D. Yeah, I do. I definitely definitely think I do. (The lights fade.)


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