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Check out the Cassidy Auction where the proceeds go to The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children! If the webmaster auctions an item, 100% of the proceeds go to charity. Fans can also auction items as long at at least a $5 donation is made to the charity! Auction here! It is for a good cause!

Speak Up - Speak Your Mind
You say you're not finding enough Cassidy on your television, video shelf or CD rack? Let the powers-that-be know that there's an audience. Each letter or e-mail makes a difference. If we all raise our voices, we will definitely make an impact. The same applies to other causes. In this apathetic society, even one letter can accomplish more than you would believe. Use the list of industry contacts and causes needing your support. Not everyone will like or approve of every selection (and because they are listed here in no way implies the support of the Cassidy family). Rather, this page is meant to be a springboard for involvement. Since we tend to be such a diverse group, an equally diverse selection of opportunities are listed for you consideration. Just let us know who you contacted and what happened on the feedback board.

Cassidy-Related Options

Time-Sensitive Advocacy
Writer Michele Orecklin wrote an article about David's Message To The World project for Kosovo kids and then slammed him saying the bad news was that the song was written by David himself. It was an unnecessary slam for someone who cared enough to lend a hand. Tell her what you think! E-mail Michele Orecklin/Time editors

General Cassidy Support
What to let E! know about some breaking Cassidy news? Contact:
Would you like to see the guys together on stage again - or even by themselves? Let these shows know:
- Sally Jesse Raphael: She was the last to do it!
- Rosie O'Donnell: It would fit in great with her show - and she owes us for the David comment
- Leeza Gibbons: She does a few celebrity interviews and she's centered in LA
- Loveline: A late night talk show about relationships (and such) on MTV - they always have guests to help give advice
- Roseanne: Why not?
- Donny and Marie: Could you think of a better set-up?
- Regis and Kathie Lee: Regis did a great job of interviewing Patrick and Shirley in 1985
- The View: It could be interesting!

Would you like to see Ryan's episodes of Facts of Life released on video? Contact: or write to:
The Columbia House Company
1221 Avenue of the Americas
New York City, NY 10020-1090
Would you like to see Ryan's appearance in Beyond Titanic again? Contact A&E and ask for a rebroadcast!
Would you like to see USA Network rerun Facts Of Life (and Ryan's episodes) again? Let them know there's an audience! E-Mail:
Would you like VH-1 to play the Penny Lover video? E-Mail:
Would you like VH-1 to do a Pop-Up Video on Penny Lover? Try the E-mail address above or

Would you like E! to do a True Hollywood Story or a Celebrity Profile on David? E-Mail:
Would you like to comment or correct VH-1 on David's Behind The Music? E-Mail:
Would you like to request one of David's videos? E-mail:

Would you like to see Shaun's albums released on CD? or write/call:
Brad Holliday - The Curb Group
47 Music Square
Nashville, TN 37203
Would you like TVLand to start showing the Hardy Boys again? E-Mail:

Would you like to see Patrick's Lifetime movie Oklahoma City: A Survivor's Story run again? Go to Lifetime's e-mail and feedback site and let them know!

Would you like to see A&E do a Biography on Shirley? Let them know!
Would you like to see E! do a celebrity profile or a True Hollywood Story on Shirley? Contact: or
Would you like to see Lifetime do an Intimate Portrait on Shirley? Go to their e-mail and feedback site and let them know!

Would you like to see E! do a True Hollywood Story or Mysteries and Scandals about Jack? Contact:

Other Worthy Causes

Health Issues (Cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's, Hospice, Etc.)
The Cassidy Family Has been Known To Support Leukemia, Alzheimer's and AIDS Charities
LSA Auction Page
Leukemia Society Of America: Find Out Where The Auction Money Goes
American Cancer Society: Learn How To Protect Yourself
AIDS Services Foundation: Tips On Prevention, Living With AIDS And Fundraising Ideas
National AIDS Fund
National AIDS Trust: A UK-Wide Charity
Children With AIDS Charity: Helps Families Affected And Infected With AIDS
Elton John AIDS Foundation
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Jewish AIDS Trust
Hospice Foundation Of America
Children's Hospice International
Hospice At Home - Visiting Nurses Association
Alzheimer's Family Relief Program
Alzheimer's Association
The Alzheimer's Society Of Canada
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International Information About The Disease And Living With It
American Heart Association
American Lung Association
CTGA - Organ Donation Works: Canadian Organization Promoting Organ Donation
National Transplant Assistance Fund: Helps Raise Money In Honor Of Specific Patients
Women's Health America
National Alliance For The Mentally Ill
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Ronald McDonald House Charities
The Make-A-Wish Foundation Of America
Children's Miracle Network

Special Olympics And Related Topics
Special Olympics International
The Canadian Association For Disabled Skiing
United Cerebral Palsy Associations (UCPA)
Parents Helping Parents: A Parent-Directed Family Resource Center Helping Children With Special Needs
The Sibling Support Project: Helping Siblings Of Special Needs Children
Spinal Cord Organization for Regaining Excellence-RVL S.C.O.R.E: A Non-Profit Organization That Helps Paralyzed Individuals
Cure Paralysis Now: E-mail Address
Canadian Spinal Research Organization
INSPIRE: UK Organization Fighting The Effects Of Spinal Cord Injury
International Spinal Cord Regeneration Center
Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust
International MS Support Foundation
Malignant Hypothermia Association Of The United States

Lend Your Voice - Lend A Hand
Cassidy Fans Working Together To Make A Difference For The Family - And Beyond

Over the years, the Cassidy family, as a whole and independently, has not hesitated to step forward and lend a hand to several worthy medical and social causes. As fans, we have supported the Cassidys with the way we have also generously donated our time and effort to help others less fortunate than ourselves. Indeed, we have come to be known not only for the way we support the family, but for the way we extend ourselves to each other and the world. This page is for those of you who want to get involved and make a difference -- no matter howmuch freetime you have. Some of these are as easy as an e-mail while other options might require (gasp) a stamp and that archiac instrument: a pen. Some may need economic support as well. There should be something here for everyone no matter how much time you have or the size of your bank account. Find your comfort level. Pick what you like. Do what you can.

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Share Your Experiences In The Helping Hands Feedback Forum

Make A Pledge

If you wish, make a pledge to help. Perhaps a pledge to contact three of these listings - or five - or even more. Perhaps a pledge to contact one a month - a week - or even a day. This is by no means a requirement - just a suggestion for those who are interested and we promise no one will check up on you. Make it to yourself or let us know and we can post it. You can even share your accomplishments an experiences on the feedback board. Regardless of whether or not you pledge, remember that one e-mail can speak volumes. You can make a difference.

Feed The List

If you have an idea or a cause you'd like to add, let me know and use the add URL function. All additions are subject to approval, but there's no reason this list can't grow and evolve to reflect who we are as fans - together and on our own. Thank you.

Add Your Link To The Helping Hands Option List... Click Here.

Refugees, Relief Projects, And Human Rights

Peaceweb: A Quaker Organization Working To Help Children, Ban Land Mines And The Like
Landmine Awareness: A General Database To Learn More
The Campaign To Ban Landmines: The Group The Late Princess Diana Supported
Children's Aid Direct: Helping The Child Victims Of The War In Kosovo
National Coalition for The Homeless
Feed The Children
Missionaries Of Charity - The Order Of Mother Teresa
Canadian Food For The Hungry
The Salvation Army
American Red Cross
International Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies
Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
Amnesty International
Amnesty International Canada
Of Human Rights: Dedicated To Promoting Human Rights In Cuba
Human Rights Watch
Native American Rights Fund
American Center For Law And Justice
The FGM Homepage: A Human Rights Crisis For Women (Warning: This Is A Graphic Topic - But An Extremely Urgent Issue)
FGM Advocacy Groups: North America, Europe And Africa

Drunk Driving
National Commission Against Drunk Driving (NCADD)
Citizens Against Drunk Driving
Against Drunk Driving: A Canadian Organization
National Group Rides and Designated Drivers: Helps Students Avoid Many Dangerous Situations
Campaign Against Drunk Driving
Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD)

Learning Disabilities/Literacy
Learning Disabilities Association
National Center For Learning Disabilities
ABC CANADA: Promotes Literacy Awareness And Programs

Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
Prevent Child Abuse America: Has Informational Materials Available, State-By-State Resources And A Toll-Free Helpline (1-800-244-5373)
Family Resource Coalition Of America: A Network Of Support For Families Dealing With Child Abuse
National Center For Missing And Exploited Children: This is the charity The Official Ryan Cassidy Site supports with its fundraising dollars!
Childhelp USA: Their Toll-Free Number Is: 1-800-4-A-CHILD
Mothers Against Sexual Abuse
Men Against Domestic Violence
RAINN - Rape, Abuse And Incest National Network: Established By Tori Amos For Survivors - Hotline Number: 1-800-656-HOPE
Survivor's Art Foundation: "Healing Through Art...Art Through Healing"
Liz Claiborne Women's Work: Raises Money For Victims Of Domestic Violence
Zero Tolerance Charitable Trust: UK Organization Against Domestic Violence

Our Animal Friends
The Citizens Humane Society/The Foster Animal Farms of America
Humane Societies In Your Area
Sedona Service Dog And Wellness Programs: Non-Profit Organization That Trains Service Dogs For The Deaf And Disabled Free Of Charge

United Way Of America
Center For Science In The Public Interest
The Worldwide Virtual Community of the Disabled Shop Online And Make Money For Charities

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